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Android TV Box Download & Installation Guide PC, Android


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Live Channels Guide Live Stations Guide

Live Channels is an exciting app that we have actually discussed sometimes right here at Android TV News. For those that have actually never heard of it before, it is a system app by Google that tries to assemble all of your real-time video sources right into one standard, channel-surfing interface. Smart Televisions as well as content on demand are obviously the future of television, yet "skimming the networks to see exactly what's on" is still a core experience.

The capacity of being able to browse through your regional OTA terminals, preferred Twitch channels, Web TV, and also live Periscope seamlessly would be a best usage case for Smart TV. Currently this isn't quite possible yet, but it is a straightforward as well as effective idea simply waiting to be unleashed. Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra Developers have to "hook" their app as much as Live Channels in order for this to take off.

If you search for it on the Google Play Shop, you will certainly see that it is already set up on your Android TV. It only appears on the Leanback Launcher once an appropriate source has been added.

OTA Networks
USB Tuner Arrangement

With Live Programs version 1.11 and also Android 7.0, Android TV now sustains OTA antennas using particular USB receivers. These allow you to watch and also videotape broadcast channels.

The List


As soon as you do, this offers you the capacity to watch OTA or CableCard networks in the Live Channels app. Being wonderful to have your resources together, Live Channels simply looks and also works better than the VIEW app (my opinion).

Pluto TV

One of the very first applications to sustain Live Networks, and still one of the ideal. Added bonus: You could add/remove only the channels you desire from Pluto TV in Online Channels! This app is FREE on the Google Play Shop.

Cumulus TV

Individuals can import any web real-time stream to the app manually or in mass with a playlist. These streams could then be viewed via the Live Channels app. By connecting the app to a file in Google Drive, you could keep all your channels in sync.

The Climate Network

They have a pretty wonderful app that complies with Android TV design guidelines as well as they also have a "recommendation card" on the house page that shows the current weather condition. This is the only app I recognize of that has actually utilized the referral bar in this manner. The app is FREE on the Google Play Shop.


This app enables you to bring that performance to the Online Networks app. The app has been removed from Google Play, however you could sideload the APK below.

Google Play Movies and TV

This network shows up to showcase a number of trailers from Google's most preferred movies. Opening the UI reveals customers a button that they can press to quickly most likely to Google Play and lease the motion picture. It's a quite clever way to display material.

Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg, the monetary information media outlet, has actually made their West US network readily available to cordcutters by including it to Live Channels. The channel consists of commercials. It also consists of closed captioning so anyone can find out about the latest organisation information.

Haystack TV

Haystack TV personalizes information by curating video clips based on your preferences. With Live Channels, you could utilize one of their prebuilt networks for science or political news or view a stream of personalized information.


Looking for a different app that interfaces with HDHomeRun? The app is complimentary to download and install from Google Play.


AirShare is an app that lets you quickly share any type of kind of content, not simply media, to your TV. The app is cost-free to download and install on Google Play.

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